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TCM, Orthodox Medicine and Dosage

TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine it has five basic practice in treating ailment but our focus is on phytotheraphy (the use of herbs in treating ailment). Now these herbs are now refined to look like drugs but it is not TCM practice to call them drugs. We prefer to call them medicine. Orthodox medicine is the conversion medical way to curbing ailment by visiting the hospital and seeing a doctor and he administers pharmaceutical drugs which they call chemotheraphy. This is the aspect of medicine we would consider today. They call theirs drugs while we call ours medicine.
Many persons are discourage in using herbs because they believe the medicine could contain the necessary substance to cure the particular ailment that make them sick but they are afraid they may be taking overdose. If you are not sure of the herbs you prepare, we advise you to beware because some plant could be poison. Some persons are not credible so don’t trust their herbs.

Orthodox chemotherapy has a particular college faculty for pharmaceutical drugs and over the ages they research with lots of clinic trails and had got very high credibility in the world. But just like it is in the body immune system, so is it in the world. Sickness are cropping up and the body with medicine are trying to tackle it. I believe the solution is in finding a middle ground to collaborate TCM with orthodox medicine.

TCM after noticing the issue of dosage went on laboratory research to harness the substance in the herb (plant) in a particular dosage that won't create harm to the patient and yet does it work of healing. Most of these medicine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United State of America. This certifies the product as healthy and safe to use for a particular treatment.

Some TCM product and practices can not be completely understood by science for now. Some product like Ginseng or Acupunture practice or pad detoxification. Nevertheless, through clinical trails, they see that they work. In China and other Asian part the world, TCM practice is allowed and some persons have a family secret TCM that cures ailment. It is no doubt that must of the persons claiming to have a cure to HIV/AIDS are from Asian. 

But some of the cure to some labelled incurable disease could be solved by collaborating TCM with orthodox medicine. In our drug abuse post, we had discussed the consequences of not completing your dosage for drugs or medicine. But I just want to show you the magic of TCM in this anti-aging skin care product. Please read to check this product called Revitol. and for men enlargement, let me recommend a product. you could give me a private mail if it works Men only


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