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Glowing skin

After the fun of last night at the big brother naija house yesterday oh look,

more than a thousand words (you could continue with the story by clicking here). I thought I should take a pause from corona watch and discuss what attracts people to you apart from being physically developed in front of the chest. The secret is in nature's way of Revitol. Revitol Lucent skin comes in different packs for different touches on the skin, let me highlight them:

Revitol Skin Brightener: It is combined with natural vitamins, minerals and extracts to help prevent skin discoloration. It doesn't contain harsh chemical and binders. In a few weeks, one could lighten up the dark spot of the skin and give the body a flawless look. 

Lucent Eye cream: sometimes we forget the skin around the eyes. Please don't get it twisted, we are not saying it should be applied in the eye, but around the eye. It is made of hyaluronic acid, captex 800 and white protein.Lucent Anti-aging moisturizing cream: have…
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Coronavirus precautionary measures not a conspiracy theory

The United States recorded one of the highest cases of coronavirus in just 2 days recording 36,000 cases. Just after hopes were raised in seeing the end of the pandemic this year summer. The attitude of most persons towards the flatting of the curve is proving abortive. The question in the lips of most citizens is, "would there be a possibility of another lockdown in most of the states after the wave of the increase of the infected victims?".

The COVID - 19 precautionary measure is not a joke and could be prevented by social distance and wearing of mask. It is not a theory to alter natures way of respiration. If wearing of face mask is deadly, most of the doctors who wear personal protective equipments like face mask wouldn't be alive by now. One needs to protect one's self because most of the asymptomatic patient are on the street and they could spread the disease even if they feel well. Wearing protective face don't only prevent you but other around you from g…

N-Power Rush

Much food is in the tillage of the poor: but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment (Prob 13:23).  I have struggled with the meaning of that part of the Holy Bible, may be a brain teaser for those who wants to ponder. My people say, well roasted pork meat (dog meat) is sweet but what would one eat before it's ready.

Lack of employment or underemployment is one big issue in my country. If you are under employed, just thank your lucky stars you have a Job. Now N-Power 2020 registration is opened again, a time to luckily get yourself on a job so you don't get destroyed by lack of judgment.

There is food in digital marketing, all you need to do is to calculate the money you get to pay in going to work for 7 days (round trip), go to a nearby vendor to buy data with it, sit at home and send emails daily; It is called email marketing. The food in this tillage gives for a single conversion, $50 above. The only investment you have to give is your daily transportation to work. …

Nigerian Covid-19 vaccine

It is a good thing that the world is not sleeping. Coronavac was promised during Autumn (September - December), now a university scientist who specializes in medical virology, immunology and bioinformatics from Adeleke university Ede Osun state Dr Oladipo Kolawole has found a vaccine for Africa.

Dr Oladipo who happened to be the team lead said he had collected genome of the disease from different part of Africa and he is convinced it would not only work for Africa but other race. We are expecting his locally made vaccine not yet to be given a name made by Africa for Africans to be ready in 18 months. We are looking earnestly for a cure and hope this disease won't stay too long with mankind.
Presently, the disease has claimed the lives of 471, 000 souls, 9 million confirmed cases and about 4.5 million recovered cases. News like this gives us hope to a answered prayer.

China Covid-19 vaccine promise to Africa

The Chinese government is making headway in finding a vaccine for Covid-19. They have succeeded in testing it on Animals and presently carrying out clinical trials. They have promises of having it ready by autumn. The vaccine is called coronavac.

The Chinese government have promised to release this vaccine to Africa free of charge. Guess it's a way to strengthen the ties between China and Africa. The test had already proven successful with monkeys and we shall soon see a light at the end of the tunnel. It is not easy staying at home but this period would have given establishment an idea on how to work from home. By this some of the office expenses like internet bills, water, and some Petty cash would be saved if companies adopt some of the lessons from the pandemic lockdown. Meetings could be held on weekends in people's homes, saving cost for venues and other lite refreshments.

We indeed sympathize with those who fell victim of this pandemic and pray for their families. Those…

Dexamethasone and CBD

There is a popular clichee in my country that goes, "what we go in search for in sokoto, is right in the pocket of our sokoto". It means the solution to ones problem that made him traveling the world is just right within his reach. Dexamethasone was a drug manufactured in 1960 and has proven to help treat those with critical case of COVID -19, those under respiratory support.

It is an anti-inflammatory drugs that has shown progress in helping curb critical case of covid-19. The body release immune body to fight illness. When this prolong in the body, it leads to inflammation which could cause pain and anxiety. Sometimes this inflammation occur in sickness that is untreated. What Dexamethasone does is to damp the immune system invariably, reduce inflammation.

We in this blog had already discussed hemp in one of our post. We know cannabis possess thesame ability as an anti-inflammatory remedy. It has the power to damp the immune system (hemp-seed-oil). We mentioned the two com…

Another COVID- 19 Herbal Discovery.

The world is doing a good Job in containing the virus and we can see how the stocks market is picking up in the US and Asia. We also heard UK, would be easing the lockdown soon while the world research on a possible vaccine for the coronavirus. Here comes a 46 years old Jamaica who claims to have the cure to some many sicknesses including the novel COVID-19.

Carlton Bennett aka king Yeshua who has been practicing herbal medicine for 20 years, claimed to have learnt the practice from his grand mother who died at the age of 105 and left him the legacy. He claim herbal medicine could cure any disease including the covid-19. Many are coming to believe in phytotherapy, hope we see the end this disease.