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 The 2019 coronavirus is a RNA virus which possess the ability to mutate and change its form. Covid-19 mutation has occurred and it is leading to a second wave. Despite the progress in covid-19 vaccine although there were few case of those who are allergic to the vaccine, the COVID has reappeared in a new form, causing the UK to close its borders to neighboring European countries. The new coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome of Coronavirus) is shown to be more deadly and life threaten to human existence than COVID-19. Normally viral mutation always lead to a weaker virus and slightly different from the previous one but this is different. Leaving one to study the behavior of this mutated virus. One is concerned if it could reinfect those who were former victims of the virus. What does this say about the vaccine, we have had other RNA diseases such as measles which vaccine had protected individuals for years despite the mutation of the virus. We believe the mutation
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Coronavirus Vaccine (would you use it)

 Since the out break of the pandemic, research has been ongoing in finding a vaccine for the deadly covid-19 virus. Since January, testing had been carried out but vitro and clinical trials started in March. And we are about to see the final testing. Pfizer covid-19 vaccine which is one of the vaccines has already been approve by the UK and it's awaiting approval by the FDA. Pfizer is one of the leading pharmaceutical company which vaccine is approved and it is being administered in the UK as we speak. The order of the vaccination would be the front line health workers, the elderly who happened to be more vulnerable to the disease and others. There was one health policy by the Obama administration that allows a micro-chip to be planted into humans to gain access to medical care as soon as it is scanned. Many of the people resisted it, they believed it could be a mark predicted in the Bible (The mark of the beast 666). There is a movement most of the democratic leaders like Obama, B

Ear Barotrauma (Airplane ears).

The ear is one of the most important sense organs of the human body and could be very inconvenient if one gets really troubled with it. The ear is divided into two three parts: the outer part, middle and the inner part. The pressure between the out and the inner ears must be balance to cause inconveniences. Ear Barotrauma is a disturbance experience especially when one boards the airplane. It might not be that common but to a certain percentage, it disturbs the ear drum. It occur when there is a change in pressure when one is in the air or water. It is commonly experience during scuba diving in water or in the  airplane when one  ascend or descend the air.   This is different from ear tinnitus which is a symptom of some underlying disease, this could be controlled by little exercise before boarding the airplane or scuba diving. One can decide to chew gum or chew as one enters the environment that changes the pressure between the outer and the inner part of the ears. It usually clears u


In our part of the world, reproduction or inability to conceive is always blamed on the female but it's important one is informed that it's a mutual responsibility and shouldn't be tilt to a particular gender.  The semen is a white (graylike) substance which carries the spermatozoa (sperm cells). And keeps them alive (some say 5 days when released to the female reproductive track) till it fertilizer an ovum. It takes 1 sperm cell to one ovum (egg) to get a child and the body has the ability to produce millions of sperm in a day, it produce 1,500 sperms in a second. When one ejaculate and produce semens, it releases 20-300 million sperms in one ejaculation. Only one is needed to fertilize a ovum. This sperm produced, needs days to mature to spermatozoa. A matured spermatozoa has a head, that contains the genetic part of the male. A male child or female child formation is a function of the x and y chromosome from the male spermatozoa and female ovum. The matured spermat

TCM Nigeria

TCM Nigeria according to this blog simply means traditional Chinese medicine practice in Nigeria. Unlike other websites which focus on cables and cable connectors like RJ45, RJ11 cable connectors. This are connectors that help computers and telephones communicate. The RJ45 connector can be crimped in two ways, we have the straight through crimping which allow computer network devices to communicate along a network and a crossover cable crimp which only allows two computers to communicate with one another. Networking is a big feed of ICT and have tons of details on it. But this website focus on traditional or alternative Nigerian practice to getting well and preventing illness. We use  Phytotherapy  as a practice in Nigeria. One of the most common tree found in Nigeria is the  moringa oleifera  tree which is a very good remedy to crashing blood sugar and it is very nutritious. It help to prevent  noma disease  one of the sickness ravaging young poor malnourished kids

Glowing skin

After the fun of last night at the big brother naija house yesterday oh look, more than a thousand words (you could continue with the story by clicking here ). I thought I should take a pause from corona watch and discuss what attracts people to you apart from being physically developed in front of the chest. The secret is in nature's way of Revitol.  Revitol Lucent skin  comes in different packs for different touches on the skin, let me highlight them: Revitol Skin Brightener: It is combined with natural vitamins, minerals and extracts to help prevent skin discoloration. It doesn't contain harsh chemical and binders. In a few weeks, one could lighten up the dark spot of the skin and give the body a flawless look.  Lucent Eye cream: sometimes we forget the skin around the eyes. Please don't get it twisted, we are not saying it should be applied in the eye, but around the eye. It is made of hyaluronic acid, captex 800 and white protein. Lucent Anti-a

Coronavirus precautionary measures not a conspiracy theory

The United States recorded one of the highest cases of coronavirus in just 2 days recording 36,000 cases. Just after hopes were raised in seeing the end of the pandemic this year summer. The attitude of most persons towards the flatting of the curve is proving abortive. The question in the lips of most citizens is, "would there be a possibility of another lockdown in most of the states after the wave of the increase of the infected victims?". The COVID - 19 precautionary measure is not a joke and could be prevented by social distance and wearing of mask. It is not a theory to alter natures way of respiration. If wearing of face mask is deadly, most of the doctors who wear personal protective equipments like face mask wouldn't be alive by now. One needs to protect one's self because most of the asymptomatic patient are on the street and they could spread the disease even if they feel well. Wearing protective face don't only prevent you but other around you fro