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Noma Disease

We cannot over emphasis the importance of tcm in curbing noma because it is perculiar among children under the age of twelve of the poorest country of Africa. But let us stop and ask ourselves what Noma disease is.

Noma is a disease that affects the mouth or genitals. It is caused by a rapidly progressive polymicrobial. It affect the mucous membranes of the mouth. It start with an ulcer then a rapid, painless degeneration occur to the mouth.

Noma can be caused by malnutrition especially the lack of vitamin A and Vitamin B. There is one good suppliment by Tasly called cen forte Tablet (commonly called Cen forte Tab) this is quite expensive for the demograph prune to be expose to it. So we have moringa oleifera and Bitter Leaf which is a cheap or almost free source of vitamin A and B found in Africa that could support malnutrition cause of noma. Let us just list all the causes of noma and we shall profer some tcm solution to those causes.

Poor oral hygieneUnsafe drinking water.Proximity …

5 common myths about Pregnancy (do's and don'ts)

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. People just believe when they have a heir, the are fulfilled in life. Though the good book says, "go into the world and multiply". For this reasons people develop different do's and don'ts about the process of procreation. they have do's and don'ts to conceive a male child, but our focus would be on pregnancy.

pregnancy and Gender: I like to adapt it as "girl child pregnancy". People believe they could determine the sex of a baby by the reaction of the pregnant mother. They believe female child disturbs or stress out the mother compares to male child. But all this is base on folklore not science. The most effective way to verify the sex of the child is through ultrasound scan when the pregnancy is 20 weeks old. Many carries the view that a girl child gives her mother stressful morning sickness and makes her nauseous. Those signs shows it's a girl child. when I tried to investigate what science has to say about that…