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Practices of a TCM Sales Marketer.

One big way to succeed as a sales man is to have to set a goal of what you intended to buy with your sales from TCM and device a plan to help you do that. Apart from direct sales, there are other marketing promotion but the bitter truth is that success in TCM business all lies in your sales technique.What i'm about to share is my secret technique but I guess there's love in sharing. The secret to my sales plans and target all lies in an app they called SAW (SECURED ACCOUNTING WALLET).

"Secured accounting wallet is an app that integrates with your wallet or hand-bag. The app only opens your bag. Attempt to open the bag using other means, would trigger an alarm. The app notifies you when you are getting out of range when the app is connected with the bag. If you refuse to respond to the alert, it triggers an alarm also. 
It is accounting because, the bag only opens when you have accounted for what you want to take or put in to the bag. The bag also helps you rate your financ…

How to Succeed with TCM

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice seek traditional therapy to curing ailment. It is also very rewarding and many have made a lot of money under companies focused on TCM with nice marketing plan. So before you make a choice of company to work for, I like to show you videos that would help you succeed with TCM.

This video is focused on Organo-Gold coffee. I know we have a lot of coffee drinkers but you could as well consider taking healthy coffee with organo-gold and making some extra cash. Let me give you the remaining videos.

  I'll give the rest to those interested in the company.
TCM Nigeria is a branch of LIRIX ENTERPRISE that promotes healthy living. TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine and its practice is not just limited to the Chinese. TCM practices which is a different blog all together involves 4 basic practices which includes: herbs, acupuncture, massages and exercises. Nigeria also practice TCM in the sense that we have herbs that have given extremely great success in curbing serious life threaten ailment like Debates type II, Ulcers,  tuberculosis, bone fracture even down to Elephantiasis.

Science cannot completely factor how herbal therapy solve some of this ailments but we have several testimony of people who have been cured by this herbal medicine. One which is a give away for those who are not afraid to try locally made herb for ulcer. You could recommend to a friend to try. It won't cost you much or stress you. You can other your local ingredients from Jumia family market by clicking Here

How to prepare:
1) Buy unripe plantain
2) Soak…