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Practices of a TCM Sales Marketer.

One big way to succeed as a sales man is to have to set a goal of what you intended to buy with your sales from TCM and device a plan to help you do that. Apart from direct sales, there are other marketing promotion but the bitter truth is that success in TCM business all lies in your sales technique.What i'm about to share is my secret technique but I guess there's love in sharing. The secret to my sales plans and target all lies in an app they called SAW (SECURED ACCOUNTING WALLET).

"Secured accounting wallet is an app that integrates with your wallet or hand-bag. The app only opens your bag. Attempt to open the bag using other means, would trigger an alarm. The app notifies you when you are getting out of range when the app is connected with the bag. If you refuse to respond to the alert, it triggers an alarm also. 
It is accounting because, the bag only opens when you have accounted for what you want to take or put in to the bag. The bag also helps you rate your financial discipline. Showing you your sources and sinks for the month. It shows your highest source and frequent source. Likewise for the sink.
The bag app would come later this year but this is released to wet the appetite of our clients and also get them acquitted with the accounting process of the app. If you do not understand the account process of the app, you stand a chance of not maximising the full functionality of the app. 
The accounting works with the three column cash book principle of accounting but we like it to be very easy to use. Standard terms of accounting have been removed. For example, Credit and Debit has been changed to save cash, collect cash. The particulars has been changed to transaction. Because we believe every individual either did a transaction that would bring him/her money or use money to do a transaction. If you are taking or putting to the wallet it is cash. If it is to the bank, it is bank. We have column for discount receive and giving out which we intend to explain on our social media platform. We also gave provisions for folio. All this would be explained on our social media platform.
We automatically record the date you open the wallet and also record your daily brought forward. This we use in rating your financial disciple using coloration and regression analysis. It is ranked to correspond with the ranks of the Nigeria police force.
The wallet/bag is very fashionable. It is a "SAW" bag but it is going to be designed like an everyday bag so as not to attract thieves. The bag is suppose to be fully out in 2017 but let's see how discipline we are by accounting for out expenses. We are planning on a reward to give those who get to a particular financial rank at the launch of the bag. To keep up with us on social media kindly like and follow our facebook fan page here."

With SAW, I get to know after my expenses for the day, how much I woke up with daily. If I need to safe to see the dividends of my sales, I also need financial discipline to compliment my sales technique. The next blog would discuss so of my TCM sales technique.


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