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Blogging and the Chinese Bamboo

The Chinese Bamboo starts its life as a seed like every other plant. It has to be planted on a good soil, watered and exposed to sunlight. The farmer who planted it, is full of hope that the bamboo would be the source of his livelihood. Struggling to keep his family, he kept hope alive and kept  going to water his bamboo seeds. The first year, there was no sign of growth, non of the seeds sprouted yet he continued to nurture and tending it. People would mock him saying why is he engaging in such fruitless journey of hope to success. But the farmer was still hopeful and consistent in the chase for success. The second year goes still no sign of growth. He still kept diligently tending and looking for other means for his family to survive so goes the third year. On the fourth year, the bamboo sprouted, hope was rekindled people who mocked him saw it as a miracle. The bamboo grew 80ft in 6 weeks. His dreams finally came through after 4 years.

Linda Ikeji a blogger net worth $3.2 Billion 

Understanding the rules of engagement

Being a blogger makes you an online publisher because you provide content and traffic for advertisers to promote their products. We have lots of advertising agency online, we have: propellerads, pop-ads, google ads etc. But I want to believe the most profitable ads agency is google ads.

Google advertises on different type of content like website or blog, videos on YouTube and apps which is handled by Admob. The rest are handled by Adsense. All have their individual policies which is expedient one study if one is expected to continue to earn through ads. Moreover, there are so many ways to earn as a blogger outside google ads. One could do affiliate marketing and we have lots of them around like: markethealth, which is very related to our niche and for my folks in Nigeria, you could consider Jumia or Konga affiliate marketing. You could also earn by selling products and services like our TCM app that gives one the opportunities to buy TCM products online but unfortunately, it’s being y…