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Alkaline and Acidic food

Very interesting topic because many are talking about alkaline coffee or tea because of the controversy around the health hazard of of acidic food. Before we discuss this topic, we have to talk about acid and alkaline via the PH. The PH level which is used to measure the acidic or alkaline level of a substance, ranges from 0-14. Below 7 it is acidic but above 7 it's alkaline. Seven is the neutral level, the PH of distilled water. Just a quick reminder, the neutralization of acid and base (Alkaline) gives a salt and water, which water is exactly seven making it neutral.

Speaking of food, we had discussed ulcer and many would be thinking our topic is  tailored towards food that causes ulcer, far from it. The digestive tract is built to be acidic. The tongue has a PH of around 6.5-7.5, the upper stomach is slightly acid the stomach is very acidic because we have hydrochloric acid that kill bacteria and help with the digestion process and the small intestine where food is been absorbe…