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Cactus belong to a family of plants called Cactaceae a family with 127 genres. Cacti the plural form for cactus is know for its moisturizing and  skin smoothing pulp interior.  Cactus exist mostly in places with drought. They exist in dessert even in Atacama dessert the driest place on earth. They have the ability to store water. They are always found succulent compared to where they are found. Cactus possess the ability to preserve the nutrient and water that is stored in the cell. 

Cactus are planted just for the inside of the plant which is a gel. The property of cacti to store and utilize moisture makes it a good moisturizer for the skin. It doesn't only deliver moisture to the lowest  part of the skin but also train the skin to hold moisture. Just as cactus prevent evaporation of moisture for itself so it does the same for the skin and nothing keeps the skin healthy and vibrant than moisture in the skin. Cacti also works as an antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals and al…

Calorie Balance (Calories in calories out)

We know we eat to get energy and it's measured in Calories. Just a quick reminder of elementary science. When one eats, food is being digested to glucose, amino-acid etc But glucose give the better energy and it is got from carbohydrate. Through respiration, the broken down compound (glucose) is converted into energy. Excess glucose is store in the liver or body muscles as glycogen to be used later. Here we try to examine the food one eat and energy it produces. If this energy is not consumed (or burnt out), it adds up to the body fat.

Food                                                 Carbohydrate(in grams)                 Calories

Group of Milk

Chocolate milk (1 cup)                                   26                                               208Low fat (2%) milk                                          12                                               121Pudding (any flavour)(1/2 cup)                      30                                               161Skim milk (1 cup…

Bitter kola

Phytotherapy has come to stay and people especially in Africa seek alternative solutions to medicine because they believe it's cheap. One major problem with the practice is that many are of the opinion that the medicine doesn't have a specific dosage to it and doubt if any of the herbs has been tested in the lab and studied to be sure it actually attacks the root cause of the disease or it only works on the symptom Read more to know about Herbalism.  But something a little funny happened when the Ebola epidemic started in Nigeria where everyone wanted to find a vaccine against the virus. People seemed not to minded how silly the remedy could be, they went to the extent of taking their bath with salt. Not that salt bath (sea water or epsom salt) has no health benefit to the skin. We understand Ebola virus can be transmitted via body fluid but it's ridiculous to me that salt bath could be a possible vaccine for Ebola virus not disputing the fact that some solutions happens b…

Sleeping a little extra

We have so many saying that doesn't encourage us to sleep. Let me start with the Holy books "Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare" (Prov 20:13 NIV). My lecturer do exhort us when he wants to teach us punctuality by saying "If you sleep all the time, what would you be doing when you're dead"? Others say why would you sleep for 8hrs a day? They say if you sleep 8hrs a day, you would have slept 10years of your life away when you are 30years. Now statements like this could be a good motivation towards achieving success because we hear most successful people complain that 24hrs isn't enough. Can we just examine why one needs to sleep a little extra.

Clinical research trial was carried out on four grown adult on sleep disorder for three days, three out of the four had blood glucose level which makes them pre-diabetic. Research has show that the lack of good sleep could lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even ob…

Prostate Cancer

Chimdinma Joseph Kalu
"Sir, would you join in trying to raise awareness for prostate cancer? (only men ). Can you please put a on your wall don't comment just send this on to all your male friends .
Hold your finger on this message and hit forward. Cheers!
Oct 14 at 7:17pm · Seen Sat 7:17pm · Sent from Messenger"

We had written a post on now that I'm fifty and many of the men where happy we never talked about them having serious issues at that prime age. It is with a sad heart that I like to inform you that men especial African American men are very susceptible to prostate cancer at this age. Today's write up is centered on men this time.
The prostate is a part of the male reproductive organ found at the exist of the bladder. Prostate cancer could be trace down to family genes. If ones father or brother had prostate cancer, there's a likelihood one could be susceptible. It is common among among elderly men and common among men who like fatty food.

Possible sympt…

TCM App project 4

For those reading our post, you would be familiar with the TCM app project. Those willing to profit from the project would be given a desktop app and a mobile app. The mobile app is for everyone.

Fig 1.0 Green Life TCM desktop app project

The mobile app is designed to help everyone keep in touch with our post. We role out three post daily and to always keep in touch with our post, we expect everyone to have the TCM mobile app. Apart from the fact that the app have three TCM brand infuse in it, it also gives one an opportunity to keep religiously to either orthodox or TCM medication prescribe to the individual. We also ensure that one gets his/her TCM product from notable online store. We link individual up with a qualified TCM expect around Nigeria at the moment. For those in the diaspora, we allow them shop from Markethelth because of its credibility, shipping and refunding policies.

Yes the app contains ads but it doesn't affect the functionality of the app. The project is only …

Health Benefit of sex

Today we are trying to explore the health benefit of having sex. Sex feels good and kept for adult so virgins shouldn't be tempted out of this post to break their virginity but it is important to state the fact that Sex helps one's immune system. It helps the antibodies that fight against sickness. “Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD asexual sex expert.

It helps lower the blood pressure. It lowers systolic part of your blood pressure test. It help increase libido in woman. It reduces your rate of heart disease and help balance estrogen and testosterone in the body. When one of these is low, one could be prone to Osteoporosis and heart disease. It is a better form of exercise compare to just sitting and watching movies. 

Orgasm could be a better pain reliever compare to aspirin. Virginal stimulation could be a reliever of chronic back pain and leg pain. Research has shown that men who ejaculate 21 times a month are less likely to have pros…

Cabbage water

In one of our post, we had discussed soaking plantain in water as a remedy to curing ulcer. Now we want to discuss cabbage water. Well cabbage water cures ulcer too but it is better than plantain water in the sense that, plantain contains iron that the body cannot digest but cabbage not only contain iron  but also iodine, calcium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and folic acid.

Drinking alcohol destroys some useful bacteria for the digestive system. The best remedy is to quit alcohol but cabbage water can be an alternative therapy to it. Cabbage water test like it sounds. You can prepare it by placing cabbage water in water overnight. You could use the red or green but the red  cabbage is more rich in vitamin C compare to the green. Add a little pinch of sea salt. Cabbage water is a little bitter so you could decide to add lemon and salt to help with the taste.

If you know you like alcohol and you want something to replace the alcohol dest…

Inner Beauty never grow old

Well this blog is focused on health so many persons could infer that I want to talk about beautiful healthy life style to promote health and fitness living (making it an habit) but a little far from it. That post would come another day but today I like to talk about love.
The holy books says "now abound faith, love and hope but the greatest of all is love". I tried thinking around it and I see love connects all together. Faith according to therapy heals in an unbelievable way. I had heard of how a believe (Faith) in water cured serious fever. Now we know faith connect us to the spiritual and love for your God and vice verse connect one to faith and gives one hope to live.

Love could be pictured in three form. The love you have for things and animals, the ultimate love which God has for man and the love you have for another human being which they call Phileo. I am not preaching about your sexuality. Don't want to dive into it but I'm not a fan of sodomy. Still speaki…

lysogenic phase of micro-organism

The reason for today's post was born out of a conversation with a friend who wasn't feeling fever and he was tested in the hospital to still have malaria parasite in his blood stream. He told me he doubted the result that if there wasn't a mistake in the test sample, then the hospital is just scamming people with their test result so I gave him a shocker by telling him 95% of Nigerians would be tested positive to malaria even if they  don't feel malaria fever. It turned into a big argument, so I had to leave the scene.
There's a very terrible Sexually transmitted disease  (STD) that act like our argument. when one contact that disease as a male, you see a little sore on male genitals and just less than two weeks it disappears and one assume it had been conquered without medication. The STD would later appear in the future and may be this time it could had cause an impediment to child bearing (i.e.syphilis).  So it is very possible for a pathogen to remain in the b…

TCM, Orthodox Medicine and Dosage

TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine it has five basic practice in treating ailment but our focus is on phytotheraphy (the use of herbs in treating ailment). Now these herbs are now refined to look like drugs but it is not TCM practice to call them drugs. We prefer to call them medicine. Orthodox medicine is the conversion medical way to curbing ailment by visiting the hospital and seeing a doctor and he administers pharmaceutical drugs which they call chemotheraphy. This is the aspect of medicine we would consider today. They call theirs drugs while we call ours medicine. Many persons are discourage in using herbs because they believe the medicine could contain the necessary substance to cure the particular ailment that make them sick but they are afraid they may be taking overdose. If you are not sure of the herbs you prepare, we advise you to beware because some plant could be poison. Some persons are not credible so don’t trust their herbs.

Orthodox chemotherapy has a par…

Now that I’m 50

The age is a very wonder period in the life of man. It is at these age one celebrates golden jubilee. The idea of a jubilee in the Hebrew tradition is to stay away from your farm work to let the land fallow and before the jubilee year, the Jews are promised harvest that could sustain them for the jubilee year. What I mean and it is common among those of that age, they tend to relax and enjoy the works of their youth.
It is a wonderful year in the life of a man and a year for one to be very conscious about his or her health so one could continue to live to enjoy a pain free golden jubilee. Some had never visited a dentist since they had been born and funny enough some had never checked their blood pressure. This is because you could not be feeling sick and still be hypertensive. And if you are hypertensive, you are susceptible to cardiac arrest or stroke. Let me quickly suggest a TCM product you could use to manage hypertension. Please read about it yourself. I will do a special blog …