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lysogenic phase of micro-organism

The reason for today's post was born out of a conversation with a friend who wasn't feeling fever and he was tested in the hospital to still have malaria parasite in his blood stream. He told me he doubted the result that if there wasn't a mistake in the test sample, then the hospital is just scamming people with their test result so I gave him a shocker by telling him 95% of Nigerians would be tested positive to malaria even if they  don't feel malaria fever. It turned into a big argument, so I had to leave the scene.
There's a very terrible Sexually transmitted disease  (STD) that act like our argument. when one contact that disease as a male, you see a little sore on male genitals and just less than two weeks it disappears and one assume it had been conquered without medication. The STD would later appear in the future and may be this time it could had cause an impediment to child bearing (i.e.syphilis).  So it is very possible for a pathogen to remain in the body and one don't feel anything. One of the very interesting and popular STD which I believe most persons would guess is HIV/AIDS. The virus is a parasitic organism that doesn't reproduce itself until it is found in its host. And for the case of HIV/AIDS, the body remains the same until it had successful destroyed the immune system and turns into AIDS.

So what exactly is lysogenic phase of micro-organism?  The lysogenic cycle is a viral mode of reproduction where it inserts its genome in the host's DNA, then remains dormant as time goes by. However, though it's dormant, it replicates itself by letting the host cell copy the virus' genetic material in cell division.

Just like normal parasitic relationship, the parasite live off the host and it would exist sometimes in the state of dormancy (with low activities) waiting for the immune system to be susceptible. The micro-organism (pathogen) reproduce with two cycle. One is the lysogenic which acute the host cells with its genetic composition and the lytic phase. The lytic cycle results in the destruction of the infected cell and its membrane. A key difference between the lytic and lysogenic phage cycles is that in the lytic phage, the viral DNA exists as a separate molecule within the bacterial cell, and replicates separately from the host bacterial DNA. The lysogenic cycle can also shift to the lytic cycle. This is evident in viruses that lie dormant for years and then attacks whenever the host's immune system is suppressed or compromised.

Because of the nourishment the pathogen derives from humans, they are very susceptible to their infections. The fact that one is not feeling any symptoms of sickness doesn't negate the presence of pathogen the body. What I could recommend is a TCM product to boast ones immune system. The women are lucky this time because it also help in their hormone system. Click HERE to check out the multivitamins for the immune system. You could also browse the TCM app for a unique immune system builder by downloading TCM app. Click the link TCM and it would direct you to google play store where you could order TASLY A1 capsule after you had downloaded the app. You still have other product you could check out for order with trusted store like Jumia and konga.

The obvious reasons why most persons suffer a lot from this parasite could be traced to drug abuse. We already discussed it but I like to clarify myself. Self medication is a product of drug abuse. Ones refusal to go to the hospital so proper check could be done would result into going to a chemist to pick drugs to cure the symptoms of the sickness and not the pathogen or the root cause of the sickness. Another reason is refusal to complete your drug dosage. for more on drug abuse click HERE. That is why TCM app is working very hard to getting our post out. There is also a slot called drug alert where you are notified one hour before your next medication. In TCM, They are product you take 30 minutes before or after meal. All these are in the app. There are product not recommended for pregnant women or people with liver disease. Download the app and you shall be updated periodically about yourself. So let me steal Jerry Springer's line by saying take care of yourself and each other.


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