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Reasons for Premature Ejaculation and possible remedy

Premature ejaculation occur when a man expel semen immediately with minimal penile stimulation. The question is how premature is premature in sex when some individuals enjoy quickie. So premature is a function of both party having the intercourse but according to International society of Sexual Medicine, they define premature as ejaculation less than one minute after penetration. So no matter how much you love quickie, if you don't last more than a minute in bed then it's abnormal. Maybe you're suffering from premature ejaculation. The statistic of men sufferring from it should scare you, 1 out of every 3 men between the ages of 18 - 59 suffers from it. This should give some concern and hope knowing you're not along in it. Many believe it is psychological but let's view their frame of reference and see it biologically.

Although ejaculation is a reflex action controlled by the central nervous system, when the penis is trapped with blood, it causes an erection. it occur when the  blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa relaxes and opens up blood through the cavernosus arteries and filled the cavernosa space. The trapped blood cause the erection. When men are sexual arouse, signal is sent to through the spinal cord to the brain. When one reaches a certain level of satisfaction, the brain triggers the ejaculation. Many would wish they could control ejaculation, but unfortunately it is not a voluntary action. One could consider controlling ones level of sexual stimulation and friction. So saying it's psychological, one might be referring to sexual arousement or stimulations.

So possible cause for prematured ejaculation could be:

  • Masturbation: I said could be because it could also be used to correct prematured ejaculation. When one masturbate, the end game is to reach the hieght of their sexual stimulation (cum). When it becomes an habit, the victim begins to cum faster because by default, it causes prematured ejaculation. One would have to take consciousn effort to use it in controlling prematured ejaculation. Instead of masturbating to cum, this time one engage the act not to cum. The victim could decide to take note of the time it took him to cum.

  • Pile: not all phythotherapy can be explained biologically or medically, but I've seen a phythotherapy administered orally that ended premature ejaculation of someone I know. When I tried making enquiries, they said sometimes, pile do affect mens performance in bed. They start the therapy by giving the person granulated herb (called agun mu) for pile which takes effect in less than an hour. This is done just once with pap or yogurt. One noticed if the therapy has taken effect by passing stool in less than an hour. One need to becare of who administer herbal therapy. This something resolve into patient lossing their life so don't try it at home or patronize  any tom dick and harry (fraudsters that don't mind you lossing your life as long as they get your money). Also note, agun-mu is of different type, it just a general name for granulated herb. The victim would be given another granulated herb made from the bark of a tree which I can't disclose because of how dangerous it could be if one decide to synthesize it themself. The called that granulated herb epo-Igi because it was made from the bark of a tree. It takes about a month, so the victim would continue on liquid herbs awaiting the epo-igi. If the victim successful completes the therepy, he would be convinced and at thesame time confused like I sound on this post.
They could be other causes and remedy that could be considered but would like to discuss this two. Your comments would be more appreciated. Some of the names mentioned in this post are African Tradional Medicine.


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