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TCM and TCM app

TCM means alot to so many persons. One which is most popular among the list is Turner Classic Movie the TV network. We understand how we all crave for fun but it takes a healthy body to have fun. The TCM we are talking about is an acronym for Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was developed by the Chinese 2000 years ago which include various forms of Phytotheraphy, Acupuncture, dietary therapy, massage,  exercise and the rest. This literally is what this blog is all about and we try our best to include some African Traditional Medicine to some of our post.
  As much as I believe there are  lots of inadequacy in the practice, many have come to pick up some good stuffs about the practice like exercising. Many might not be able to explain adequately how exercising helps to maintain healthy living but they know quite well that people who exercise have better chances of recovering faster than those who don't make it a practice.
   Orthodox medicine has been really helpful to mank…

Sickle Cell Anaemia

Today happens to be the world sickle cell day. A very displeasing disease caused by the parent of the affected patient because of the negligence or ignorance of the parent to know their genotype before they start making babies.

Sickle cell is an hereditary disease which result in the abnormal shape of the hemoglobin in the red-blood cell. In this condition they are insufficient  healthy red blood cell. Normally the red blood cells are flexible and round with the ability to move freely through your blood vessels. In the case of the sickle cell the shape looks like a crescent moon or a sickle for harvesting in the farm.

They become sticky and rigid and block small blood vessels thereby obstructing somebody part from getting oxygenated. The block in the blood vessels cause some pains called sickle cell crisis (SCC).This pain sometimes last for hours or days depending on the patient. Some could experience lots of crisis in a year and some could be hospitalize because of the crisis…

How you feel and look when you smile

Smiling would feel good when you gaze through the mirror and you obverse your teeth. How do you feel when after smiling, your smile starts trending as a subject of humor on social media because of teeth coloration. It is worth noting  that the true color of the teeth dentin is yellow. The more you age, the outer part of the teeth called enamel gets worn out revealing the true color of the teeth but they are other factor that also contribute to teeth coloration which are majorly centered on life style. 
One which is worthy of note is fluoride intake. Due to environmental factors, one could come in contact with it in drinking water. or should we start another behavioral communication against the use of tooth paste because we know sodium fluoride is one of the key compound of some toothpaste. should we start a campaign on using chewing stick rather than toothbrush? Some research have it that chewing stick has revealed parallel and at times greater mechanical and chemical cleansing of o…