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COVID -19 Testing Kit Breakthrough in Nigeria

Nigeria Center for disease Control (NCDC) had validated the first phase of the extraction of the viral ribronucleic acid (RNA) which would enable mass and cheap local reagents for the testing of the COVID -19 virus. The reagents is in global shortage, so this breakthrough would enable Nigerians carry out more than 20,000 test a day, to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The validation took place at the National Biotechnology Development Agency in Abuja Nigeria. This success is not limited to Nigeria along but to Africa as a whole, the project is to help put an end to the shortage of reagents for testing the virus in the whole of Africa. The project is a Pan-African project which include, Ethiopia, NCDC, University of Sheffield Uk and many others with the African Development Bank to support funding.

Interestingly, the RNASwift Test kit was developed by a Nigerian Dr Alison Nwokeoji at the University of Sheffield, Uk. This comes to say, Nigerians could be productive if the gover…

Eid ul fitr

Eid ul fitr is an Islamic holiday to celebrate the end of their 30 days fast. It is also called the festival of breaking of fast. The India and also the US stock market is to be close today Monday to honour the festival.

There is something unique about this year's Islamic fast and the Eid ul fitr holiday, which is the birth of the new novel pandemic, the COVID 19. Many have prayed against it, but it is important we still take caution on the hygiene measures to prevent the virus. Respiratory hygiene, washing of hand and social distance. Avoid touching of the eyes, nose and mouth. We should also know that COVID 19 is not a death sentence, one could recover from it, if one have a good immune system. It is a bad time to smoke cigarettes and consume excessive alcohol. One could add to there diet oranges and other immune boosting food items. One could consider Circumin 2000 very nice immune boaster. Note it is dangerous for those with underlining sickness to be infected with COVID-19, s…

Guides on Investing in health penny stocks

Penny stocks has mentioned in previous post is very volatile, so one needs to tread carefully not to get burnt.  We quite understood we are at war, this time it is not a battle of guns and arsenals but a health pandemic battle.

During wars, government do not mind spending whatever it takes to win, coupled with the fact that the war is against humanity, everyone is doing all it takes to fight the pandemic. So financing whatever vaccine for this pandemic shouldn't be a problem; we never can tell what company could come out with a possible solution, maybe micro-cap?
Health penny stocks has huge potential of growing faster compare to large cap health company but it is very risky. They might not be able to finance their debt if they don't sell there product or service in time and could be bought over by larger companies. The larger the risk, the better the reward; nevertheless, one need to look out the following before taking the risk. This includes:

The product and services they o…


Stocks of a company is all the shares in which the owner of the company or cooperation is divided. It determines the voting power or the the share proceed of the company's after liquidation of asset. The owners of shares of a company are called the stockholders (shareholders). There are different type of stocks some comes without voting power or share profit. As discussed in previous post we have the penny stocks (microcap) and the blue Chip stocks. Please read to be acquited about stocks but what is in the mind of almost every investor is what determines the price of stocks.

It is like the major law of demand and supply. If we have more buyers for a particular stocks to sellers, the price would rise. If we have more sellers for a buyers, the price would drop. Giving birth to the fraud called, "pump and dump". The FBI helps to check fraud to protect the interest of investors. Here people says good things about a stock claiming they have inside information that would push…


One very pressing question women ask which is not a bad question after all is "How Can I get pregnant?" Some say they don't enjoy sex with condoms. Well all this could be solved if you know your fertility period and your safe period. For those looking for the fruit of the worm, you should be mindful and sexually active during your fertility period. For those in there journey of fornication, please do take note of your safe period.

To know your safe period and fertility period, please study your menstrual cycle for six (6) month. Note your longest and shortest period. For example, if you had your period on the 22nd like the picture above this month, the next month it came on the 20th, and you have 31 days in the month, the days before your next period would be, 24days. If you had it on the 24th then it would be 28days. You keep this record for 6 month. Then you know the shortest and longer days it takes you to see your period.

Now to get the first day of your fertility pe…


The big question is, "what would you do after the lockdown". 90% of The United State had been on lockdown, over the weekend,  the lockdown was eased. Guess where most of them congregated without face mask? The bar. Some state had allowed some shops to reopen and many are awaiting May the 7th for schools to reopen. 

The one and only rules have always known about trading in stocks or commodity market is buying low and selling high. We know the pandemic had crashed the economy, and so many stocks are dropping except health stocks that is rising. This would be a good time for investors to buy into the market and not quickly dump there shares. Stock crashes faster than it grows, if one  would ever want  to make it in the stock market, the time is now.  We would be doing our best in analyzing some of the health stocks in the market.
We have so many markets to buy from, we have forex, commodity, stocks and the rest of them. Stocks are categories into two, the penny stocks and the r…

Covid-19, Blessing or Curse

There is a common saying in Yoruba, let me try and translate it in English; "there is no circumstances that befall a man that God don't get praised". It is no longer news that Twitter has instructed his 5,000 staffs that they could continue to work from home forever even after the pandemic is over. Google and Facebook said they should work from home for the rest of this year. But twitter came up with a tweet to express how successful working from home has been and told it's employee that they could decide not to return to work even after the pandemic.  That would be an exciting news to some home because, parents would pay more attention to there homes. Spouses would get to understand one another invariably limit divorce. And of course we get reduce road traffic.

There are businesses especially the showbiz that would need to cut salaries. Some sport club had cut down some of the salaries of there sportsmen and most religious institution's are closed and loosing wo…


We know that the challenges facing herbal medicine is expected after the new found cure and prevention phytotherapy for the Novel pandemic COVID-19 (Corona disease discovered in late December 2019). Some in there disbelief about this virus have coin it COVID-419; to call it scam claiming it is an avenue for people in power to embezzle money.

The herb is got from the famous Artemisia used in treating malaria in time past and other substances. The herb is believed to have cured two persons affected with the virus and the country, Madagascar have recorded no death to the disease. The herb (COVID - ORGANIC) had been rejected by WHO but is being imported to Nigeria through Equatorial Guinea to be brought to Abuja Nigeria via air. Other countries like the US had advice the government to carry out necessary test and be careful how they consume herbs that is not scientifically proven. Sure Nigeria have the National Institute of Research and Pharmaceutical development (NIRPD) and the National …