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Goji Berries (枸杞)

Goji berry also know as wolfberry in English is a berry cultivated mostly in Asian. It is a seed of either Lycium Barbarum or Lycium Chinese. They could only be differentiated by their taste, one has more sugar content to the other.

It has been know to be an ancient tradition Chinese medicine grown since the 3rd century ce. Test was carried out on the berry in a test tube (vitro) and in living organisms (vivo) but no clinic effect of the extracts (leave, seed, fruit, root of wolfberry) had been discovered as at 2018 but unidentified photochemical from the extracts when tested in vitro could inhibit the functions of other drugs like drugs for diabetes or hypertension.

Since the 21st century has dry wolfberry been marketed to the west and it is included in food like yogurt, fruit  juices, tea e.t.c. It is believed to contain medicine to cure cancer. It was believed to be the fruit a Chinese man called Li Qing Yuen consumes daily which made him live 256 years on earth. It is being market…


This blog is for entertainment and education purposes only. The content included is my opinion and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

Also note that, This article has not been reviewed by the FDA. This information has been provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent disease. Always consult your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor before making any significant changes to your health routine.


The invention of the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria was brought by president Olusengun Obansanjo. Just like the Obama care named after President Barrack Obama of the united state of America. Though he never coined it his name, the people of America coined it, yet he accepted it saying he cares.

The HMO is an acronym for Health Maintenance Organisation. They are medical insurance group that provide health services at a specific fee and period. The National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) was establish under Act 35 of the 1999 constitution to provide quality and affordable health to every Nigerian. They do this by the fund contributed by those registered with the scheme. It's a prepared plan where the individual pays a fixed regular amount of money and access health care from service providers when they fall sick. The fund pooled are given to HMOs to pay for those needing medical attention. We know, insurance involve risk sharing. Not the total medical bills would…

Health hazard of Vaping or Juuling

Vaping or juuling is the act of smoking electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). The introduction of the e-cigarette  hasn't been with us for long so research is still on going about the health hazard.

We cannot overemphasis the danger of traditional smoking. It is even written on the pack that smokers are liable to die young. But the e-cigarette has no tobacco. It could be a substitute for traditional cigarette smoking but not at all.

It is now discovered that vaping has it's side effect. Vaping and smoking traditional cigarette both contain nicotine. One is got from tobacco while the other is got from the chemical extract. Nicotine is very additive. It's is what give one the craving to always want to smoke. Apart from it's addictive nature, it raises blood pressure and spark adrenaline which could consequently lead to a heart attack. One really do not know the chemical used to cause the smoke while vaping. Although it has been credited to help one quit traditional smokin…


Health according to world health organization is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It is disheartening to hear that brothers hate brothers. Which is coin xenophobia. Nigerian which this blog stand for is sick in other nations must especially South Africa who are scared of their black brother. Nigeria has 250 ethinic group and over 500 indigenous language. Yet we live in peace. We are not disputing the fact that we are ranked third as a terrorist country in the world but based on my opinion, we're still very happy. Our rate of suicide is low compared to other countries. I’ve stayed in Nigeria for more than 3 decades and have not seen security officials harassing people over immigration issues.

Just as the body is design, we have antibodies to help fight foreign bodies, so South Africans should expect reactions from Nigerians like the burning of most of their investment in Nigeria. A wise man once said, you…

Tea and medicine

The Chinese has contributed a lot to culinary. Though the tea tree grows in China and some part of India. We have myth covering the  origin of tea.

It was discovered serendipitously by a Chinese emperor (Emperor Shen Nong) who was boiling water in his garden. The tea leave fell into his boiling water. He suddenly loved the aroma of the water and he decide to take a sip, so came the birth of tea drinking. The emperor being a good ruler and scientist decide to research on the tea leaf. He was able to discover the medicinal properties of the tea leave.

The tea leaf especially the green tea is very medicinal to the body. It serves as good antioxidants to help the body burn fat easily and thus enhance the muscles endurance. It helps prevent against cardiovascular disease, cancer and free radicals. Tea contains oxygen Radicals absorbing capacity (ORAC) which absorbs free radicals that damage the DNA. Though the body is designed to absorb those radicals themselves but using a little help by …

Blogging and the Chinese Bamboo

The Chinese Bamboo starts its life as a seed like every other plant. It has to be planted on a good soil, watered and exposed to sunlight. The farmer who planted it, is full of hope that the bamboo would be the source of his livelihood. Struggling to keep his family, he kept hope alive and kept  going to water his bamboo seeds. The first year, there was no sign of growth, non of the seeds sprouted yet he continued to nurture and tending it. People would mock him saying why is he engaging in such fruitless journey of hope to success. But the farmer was still hopeful and consistent in the chase for success. The second year goes still no sign of growth. He still kept diligently tending and looking for other means for his family to survive so goes the third year. On the fourth year, the bamboo sprouted, hope was rekindled people who mocked him saw it as a miracle. The bamboo grew 80ft in 6 weeks. His dreams finally came through after 4 years.

Linda Ikeji a blogger net worth $3.2 Billion 

Understanding the rules of engagement

Being a blogger makes you an online publisher because you provide content and traffic for advertisers to promote their products. We have lots of advertising agency online, we have: propellerads, pop-ads, google ads etc. But I want to believe the most profitable ads agency is google ads.

Google advertises on different type of content like website or blog, videos on YouTube and apps which is handled by Admob. The rest are handled by Adsense. All have their individual policies which is expedient one study if one is expected to continue to earn through ads. Moreover, there are so many ways to earn as a blogger outside google ads. One could do affiliate marketing and we have lots of them around like: markethealth, which is very related to our niche and for my folks in Nigeria, you could consider Jumia or Konga affiliate marketing. You could also earn by selling products and services like our TCM app that gives one the opportunities to buy TCM products online but unfortunately, it’s being y…

Macular Degeneration

As one ages, it’s of necessity one keep up with regular medical checkup, especially the eyes. What we intend to discuss in this post could be maintained if detected early, but if discovered late, there could be no remedy. It could lead to blindness.

The Eye
A simple way to understand how the eyes works is thus: light rays from an objects hits the cornea (the window of the eyes), it’s been refracted to go through the lens which focuses it to the retina where it’s converted into electrical pulses and sent to the brain. The light of cause passes through the vitreous which is the gel substance that makes the eyes stay its shape, down to the back of the eyes where the retina is found.

If one observe the back of the eyes from the figure above, one would discover a part of the eye close to the center of the retina oval in shape called the macular. The macular is responsible for the central, high resolution, color vision just to mention a few. If this is damaged, ones vision could be impaired…

Electrolyte Imbalance

The body needs electricity to function properly. An electrolyte are mobile free ion that carries electric current in molten stage. From our little knowledge of the process of electrolysis, we know direct current is produced within electrode when they are connected in a solution having electrolyte which could either be a cation (positive charge) or anion (negative charge). Electrolysis is called a decomposition process, but we are not here to discuss electrolysis but to talk about electrolyte imbalance.

Electric current is essential for the body to function and what provides this are called electrolytes. These ions include potassium, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate etc. This electrolytes interacts with the cells in the tissues, muscles, and nerves. Good fruit and vegetable could be a good source of this electrolyte. The balance of these electrolytes are of great essence because The symptoms of electrolyte imbalance can include twitching, weakness and, if unchecked, seizures and heart rhyt…

Alkaline and Acidic food

Very interesting topic because many are talking about alkaline coffee or tea because of the controversy around the health hazard of of acidic food. Before we discuss this topic, we have to talk about acid and alkaline via the PH. The PH level which is used to measure the acidic or alkaline level of a substance, ranges from 0-14. Below 7 it is acidic but above 7 it's alkaline. Seven is the neutral level, the PH of distilled water. Just a quick reminder, the neutralization of acid and base (Alkaline) gives a salt and water, which water is exactly seven making it neutral.

Speaking of food, we had discussed ulcer and many would be thinking our topic is  tailored towards food that causes ulcer, far from it. The digestive tract is built to be acidic. The tongue has a PH of around 6.5-7.5, the upper stomach is slightly acid the stomach is very acidic because we have hydrochloric acid that kill bacteria and help with the digestion process and the small intestine where food is been absorbe…