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Inner Beauty never grow old

Well this blog is focused on health so many persons could infer that I want to talk about beautiful healthy life style to promote health and fitness living (making it an habit) but a little far from it. That post would come another day but today I like to talk about love.
The holy books says "now abound faith, love and hope but the greatest of all is love". I tried thinking around it and I see love connects all together. Faith according to therapy heals in an unbelievable way. I had heard of how a believe (Faith) in water cured serious fever. Now we know faith connect us to the spiritual and love for your God and vice verse connect one to faith and gives one hope to live.

Love could be pictured in three form. The love you have for things and animals, the ultimate love which God has for man and the love you have for another human being which they call Phileo. I am not preaching about your sexuality. Don't want to dive into it but I'm not a fan of sodomy. Still speaking about Phileo, someone says love is like a communist idea that can't work. He says the people he connects intellectual with, he is not sexually attracted to them; while the people he is sexually attracted to, he is not intimate with. I might continue with his story some other time. But those thought arises when one is betrayed by love. But the conflicting idea lies in what you love out of the same species. Many persons are first attracted to the body shape they see. Some are attracted to a woman with firm breast. I wrote about a product that always keep ones boobs firm without surgery click HERE to read more. Pay  attention to the testimony. Some are glued to a magic virgina.  Read about this product HERE to know more about a magic virgina and as well, the back side to be honest. But this post is centered at what you can't see. It reveals itself with time. The more you get to know the person, the more it reveals. It's developed over time and it connects the party to the spiritual. They could not be far fetched, traces like honesty, neatness, caring for another human being, empathy not sympathy. Many confuse empathy for sympathy. There's no sympathy in love. When one begin to pity someone and confuse it for love, the individual starts clining. When you cline, you don't find true happiness in a relationship. But if you can connect with the inner beauty of a  persons, you experence a new you. Money could wipe in the blink of an eye and beauty would fade, it's called aging. Well if you still want to patched that, please click on the product HERE to see the miracle of  TCM. Watch the video and also read the testimony. But when you connect to the inner beauty, you grow old together and some how ones body aging activitistes reduces. Your relationship would connect attract like magnets.

Well speaking about magnetic attraction and law of charges from Benjamin Franklin, unclike charges attracts. Very true also to inner beauty. Very strong and dominant persons are always attracted to - let me just say "weak". It tends to complement both parties.

 Well the feeling of phileo provides some healing powers that TCM might not be able to explain. Don't get it twisted love is a beautiful thing. Not denialing the law of nature. There is time for everything under the heavens. A time to love and a time to hate. A time to be sick and a time heal. But phileo gives you a healing power that connects faith and hope. So get used to loving again. You could connect once again to someone who could bring the first law of Charges. Unlike charges attracts. I deer you to love again and put my post on the spot light.


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