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TCM Nigeria is a branch of LIRIX ENTERPRISE that promotes healthy living. TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine and its practice is not just limited to the Chinese. TCM practices which is a different blog all together involves 4 basic practices which includes: herbs, acupuncture, massages and exercises. Nigeria also practice TCM in the sense that we have herbs that have given extremely great success in curbing serious life threaten ailment like Debates type II, Ulcers,  tuberculosis, bone fracture even down to Elephantiasis.

Science cannot completely factor how herbal therapy solve some of this ailments but we have several testimony of people who have been cured by this herbal medicine. One which is a give away for those who are not afraid to try locally made herb for ulcer. You could recommend to a friend to try. It won't cost you much or stress you. You can other your local ingredients from Jumia family market by clicking Here

How to prepare:
1) Buy unripe plantain
2) Soak the unripe plantain overnight
3) Drink from the water of the soaked plantain one glass in the morning and evening 30 minutes before meal for 2 weeks.
4) After two weeks discontinue the treatment and de-warm yourself.
5) Please leave your testimony here after trying it out.

You could prepare it and give it as a gift to a friend. When I get testimony, the next blog would come with a cheap recipe to prepare either mint tea or herb that cures elephantiasis. I know getting some of the materials to prepare this herbs could be a daunting task. So i'll recommend places you could order them online.

Click Here if you need a well prepared medicine to burn some fat. Until the next blog. We advice you take care of yourself and each other.


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