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5 common myths about Pregnancy (do's and don'ts)

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. People just believe when they have a heir, the are fulfilled in life. Though the good book says, "go into the world and multiply". For this reasons people develop different do's and don'ts about the process of procreation. they have do's and don'ts to conceive a male child, but our focus would be on pregnancy.

  1. pregnancy and Gender: I like to adapt it as "girl child pregnancy". People believe they could determine the sex of a baby by the reaction of the pregnant mother. They believe female child disturbs or stress out the mother compares to male child. But all this is base on folklore not science. The most effective way to verify the sex of the child is through ultrasound scan when the pregnancy is 20 weeks old. Many carries the view that a girl child gives her mother stressful morning sickness and makes her nauseous. Those signs shows it's a girl child. when I tried to investigate what science has to say about that, we saw women carrying a girl child experience more inflammation when their immune system is exposed to bacteria compared to a mothers carrying a boy. Women carrying girls have higher level of estrogen, the hormonal change sometimes causes mood swing which makes women carrying a girl child moodier. The stress hormone cortisol has been linked to the gender of the child the mother is carrying. People with more cortisol are likely to have girl children compared to boy children. Although more research is been done on the stress level of women carrying a girl child compare to boy child.
  2. Pregnancy and Food: "Pregnant women shouldn't eat sea food". Is this myth true? We shall see what the scientist think about it this myth. We notice eating fish rich in Omega-3 oil and low in mercury make the baby smarter. It is proven that women who ate 12 ounce of seafood a week during pregnancy had kids with higher verbal IQ, better social and communication skills, and superior motor skills, according to a study published in a leading journal. So myth busted. 
  3. Sex and Pregnancy: Let us first establish the fact that sex doesn't affect a normal pregnancy and organism from the lady does not cause miscarriage. Sex can be sometimes painful, discomforting for the pregnant woman and often result in bleeding for some mothers. But a few couples do find it fun. We have lot's of myths on sex and pregnancy, some we just busted. The one of most concern is "does sex aid labor? Well asking the expert, we notice that most of the women who reach there 42 weeks due date are always medically induce for labor and people prefer the do it yourself (DIY) way. some encourage walking about like a form of exercise but a few uses sex but can you imagine having sex with a woman in labor. This is a myth I wish we could scientifically bust but we have scientific plausible reason to back up this myth. We notice that one of the synthesize drugs given to induce Labor is natural in seamen called prostaglandins. So no matter how bizard it sounds, it might be a true myth.
  4. Pregnancy and Alcohol: Well it is common sense that one shouldn't abuse alcohol intake. The common cliche among those who justify alcohol intake "take a little wine for thy stomach seek" they say the holy books support alcohol intake in moderation. There is danger if a pregnant woman abuse alcohol or even consume alcohol, it could endanger the baby. it could damage the speech, learning and neurological development of the child. Don't just go with moderation choose abstinence for the seek of the baby.
  5. Pregnancy and Eating Extra:  when one is pregnant we know she's carrying an extra individual and because of the pamper they encourage one to eat more for the mother and child. A little logical argument to the myth, however, doing that increases the risk of delivering via CS. If you gain more weight when you get pregnant, you increase your chances of gestational diabetes. If because of ones overfeeding the baby becomes big, the doctor might likely prefer a cesarean section. But if you exercise and eat moderately all things being equal you should have a virginal delivery. Exercising moderately doesn't cause premature birth, some believe it could induce labor but it helps manage the common discomfort  of pregnancy, enhance virginal delivery free of complications and aid in postpartum recovery.


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