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Palm wine and Measles

Measles is a respiratory disease that is highly communicable. It is transmitted by the mucus or saliva of an infected patent. It is airborne and could be transmitted when an affected persons sneezes or cough to the air. It is common among children but on a rare case adult contact it also. It's a very big cause of child mortality. World health organization (WHO) had recorded more than 100,000 children less than the ages of 5 whose life had been claimed by measles in 2016.

One traditional way of treating measles is through Palm wine especial among adult. They drink and sometimes pour a little in their bucket of water when having their bath. Children uses coconut water instead of palm wine because of the alcoholic content of Palm wine. I like us to examine these practice to be sure if Palm wine really helps to solve measles or it's just a myth.

Vaccine is usually given to children against measles called measles vaccine. No particular chemotherapy against measles but supportive care like giving them healthy food and other medicine to suppress the symptoms like fever, diarrhea, and the rest of them.

Palm wine is a drink got from wounded palm tree. It is popular amount West Africa and the process of get palm wine is called palm wine tapping. Why I'll like to believe the use of Palm wine for measles treatment is that, palm wine could be viewed as a food drink. Because it's rich in Amino acid, vitamin C, B1, B2, B3 and B6; it also contains carbohydrate, potassium, magnesium, Iron and others.

It is also good for improving eye sight because of the vitamin C antioxidant (ascorbic acid) and vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which is very good for good eye sight. This is what prevent one of the adverse effect of measles which is blindness. Other benefit is that it helps to reduce cardiovascular disease because of it's potassium constituent, it contains vitamin B2 which helps to prevent cancer. It helps to maintain good hair and skin and also promotes lactation.

Palm wine also contain it's adverse effect because it is alcoholic. We know the effect of excess use of alcohol. Some palm wine contains preservative this makes it not a good palm wine. Good palm wine always taste sweet but after the next day, it ferments and become sour and strong in it's alcoholic content.



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