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Drug Abuse

People looking at this blog would question the topic because I discuss traditional Chinese Medicine and you would wonder if they are dosage for herbs or food. Another could say since I was able to bring the usefulness of Hemp, maybe I want to encourage the taking of drug abuse so people can continue to get high. But far from the two thought.

Many persons have a fair knowledge of what drug abuse is. Drug abuse is not solely going to the pharmacy to buy drugs that wasn't prescribe to you from a physician but it also include your not religiously taking the drugs as prescribe for you by the doctor. Let me give you an analogy in using orthodox medicine. Well before I jump into that, let me correct this erroneous idea that TCM doesn't work hand in hand with orthodox practice, We compliment orthodox medicine by suggesting food you could take that would make you heal faster. Because sometimes the food could be far fetched from you, we produce it as supplement. So TCM is not anti-orthodox. Now back to the analogy, if you use an anti-malaria properly prescribed to you by a doctor and you decide not to follow the proper dosage, maybe you take the first dosage and you believe you are well and you abandon the drugs, the damage you cause for yourself is worst than someone stealing your wife. What you do is that, you make the parasite (plasmodium) to master the drug in you body. the single dosage doesn't completely destroys the parasite but keep it in - let me call it dormant state and it looks for a way to counter the reaction to the anti-malaria. When it re-enforces, the drugs given you would not be able to treat the malaria sickness anymore. Because of drug abuse many would know that the previous anti-malaria used in treating malaria as been abandon, now we are using ACT(a combine therapy). Well you could continue so you could keep pharmacist and doctors researching for malaria instead of using their energy to find the cure for cancer.

Now back to the normal drug abuse which is common among a lot of persons. That is using drugs that wasn't prescribe for you by a physician. Many persons, knows their sickness so when they fall sick, they turn themselves to doctors overnight and prescribe drugs for themselves even down to anti-biotics ignorant of the damage they cause themselves. They are scared of the extra money the doctor would tell them to bring to go and do test and at the end, tell them the sickness they suspected is making them sick. When you go to the hospital or clinic, and you are asked to go for test, the lab technician, takes a sample from your body where the parasite is concentrated and they culture it (give it an environment where they can grow properly. The parasite thinks they are still in the body). Then they would identify the parasite and administer the proper medication for your body sample to see the best drugs that properly destroys the parasite. When they notice a particular drug that the parasite in your body has not properly master, then they would prescribe the medicine to you.

Some ignorantly would still not use the medicine religiously and endangering their lives to the parasite to master the medication given to you. The reason some medicine stubbornly don't work on some persons could be due to drug abuse.

We also at TCM have dosage to our supplement and we encourage users to follow the medication religiously. That is why, TCM has produce a drug alert to it's TCM app.This drug alert allows you to choose a TCM product and also your orthodox medication and input it into the drug alert then set the time you need to take the next therapy. When it's is time for your drugs/medicine, your phone is alerted. Seem I need to write about TCM and orthodox drugs because I am feeling guilty using some terms that I ignorantly did not know if my readers understands. TCM product are not called drugs. They are called medicine. TCM works hand in hand with orthodox drugs. Just as you eat and for some persons with special ailment sees a dietitian in the clinic and they tell you the kind of food you eat and that you don't eat because of your ailment, TCM also works like that, we provide TCM supplement to help with your ailment and to help you recover faster. Must of the time, we cure some ailment that doctors say you just need to take chemotherapy for maintenance. Sometimes they play God and tell you when you are going to leave this world. Well not to brag but TCM is good. If you don't have the TCM app, I like you to download it now via this link TCM.


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