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Jini Carlson Fibromyalgia Holistic Remedies

I have had Fibro for 60 years – most of my life.  I’m been in the Holistic Health arena for 30 years.  What follows here is a list of Holistic Remedies that have worked for myself and or my clients.  They are in no way shape or form intended to be construed as medical advice.  If you are under the care of a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional, and you choose to start incorporating any of these remedies, please advise your health care professional so they can work with you to ensure there are no possible negative interactions with any medications you might be taking.
Diet-    I’m purposely beginning this list with diet because no matter what condition you are dealing with, FOOD is foundational in healing.  It is either your best friend or your worst enemy.  Thousands of studies show a direct relationship between what you eat and ALL health issues – everything from Cancer and Cardiovascular disease- to the common cold.  šŸ˜Š 
I’ve worked with hundreds of Fibro clients over the past 30 years and what I saw was that those who consumed an alkaline plant- based food plan got significantly better and those who chose NOT to take any drugs AND incorporated this diet got significantly better – some even symptom free.  Those who did neither of these two things continued to get worse. 
Before I go any further, I want to explain in terms that hopefully everyone can relate to and understand, about our bodies Ph and how it works. 
If you’ve ever owned a swimming pool you might understand the importance of keeping the water’s Ph where it needs to be so that the water doesn’t become full of algae and other unwanted growth of slimy stuff and pests!  šŸ˜Š  In order to keep the water at the required Ph level, you put chemicals in it to maintain the desired Ph, and keep it safe for humans to swim in.
In us humans, the “chemicals” to keep our Ph at a healthy level is FOOD.  Food comes in two forms – Acidic and Alkaline.  Acidic foods – which are EVERYTHING we put in our bodies (and this includes drugs), EXCEPT fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, beans and seeds.  When our bodies burn (metabolize) Acidic foods, they leave us feeling tired, agitated, angry, depressed, scattered and create systemic inflammation and PAIN.  Additionally, this state creates an environment in our bodies digestive system (all diseases start in the gut) where very unhealthy deadly diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc. THRIVE!    
Alkaline foods on the other hand, leave us feeling light, happy, funny, energized, and able to better focus our minds, and a healthy immune system which better prepares us to be able to fight off WHATEVER germ or condition that we might be exposed to. Notice I didn’t mention the word PAIN here.  This is because alkaline foods reduce systemic inflammation and pain!  .
I’ve had Fibro for nearly 60 years- I became a vegan long before the symptoms were problematic.  I did this out of a spirit of “doing no harm” – to any of God’s creations- no animal will ever have to be tortured, abused, raped and viciously murdered so I can eat.  But as I became a student of Holistic Health, I saw an equally different just as deadly issue - thousands of studies today confirm that those who consume animal protein, dairy, and processed foods (meats) raise their risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease- heart attack and stroke- by 40%-50%!!  So, the best thing anyone today can do to improve their chances of living a long, healthy, happy, disease and pain free life is to adapt an alkaline food eating plan.
There are also other acidic foods that need to be eliminated from the diet…  SUGAR #1 threat, gluten, sodas – diet and regular-, artificial sweeteners, packaged foods- things that come in boxes, bags, pouches, and canned foods.  Not only are they acidic, they all contain levels of toxic chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives.  For those of us with Fibro, these things are super toxic as we need to keep our bodies as “clean” as possible. 
So, does this mean you have to give up some of your favorite acidic foods – not exactly.  If you MUST have that cheeseburger, simply eat 2-3 times the amount of alkaline foods with the meal.  This will help reduce the negative effects of the meat and cheese – but not totally eliminate it.  šŸ˜Š
Another thing that will help in keeping alkaline…  Start each morning before eating anything, with a cup of warm filtered water with the juice of a of Lemon squeezed into the water, along with one TBL of Coconut oil.  This will put your gut in an alkaline state before you start eating for the day, and provide a healthy fat that is great for combatting “Brain fog”.    Avocados are also great for the brain providing it with “healthy fat”.   
There are also huge benefits to consuming Apple Cider Vinegar each day in a glass of water.  It has literally hundreds of health benefits for a healthy gut and overall health.  Just google “benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar”, you’ll be amazed at what comes up.
A word about juicing – it actually isn’t as healthy as once believed.  if you are using a traditional juicer where you throw out the “pulp”, you need to understand that what you are throwing away is where all the nutrition is and what you are left with is “sugar” water – and we all know how harmful is.  šŸ˜Š
I have worked with several hundred fibro ladies the last 30 years.  For about 90% of them the alkaline diet alone was not enough of a pain reducer by itself.  So, for those that it wasn’t enough, I suggested a whole food supplement product called Juice Plus+.  Those who did add JP+ to their daily routine, more than the majority of them got the pain reduction they were looking for.   JP+ is 30 fruits, veggies, grapes and berries in capsules.  Since it absolutely gave me my life back, I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s simple, effective and affordable.  It’s been on the market 25 years and is available in 24 countries.  It’s has 38 clinical studies showing that it gets absorbed into the body and raises antioxidant levels in the blood stream, reduces oxidative stress and systemic inflammation- crucial for those with Fibro-, creates an awesome immune system (I haven’t had a cold of the flu in 24 years), protects DNA, supports cardiovascular wellness, creates healthy skin, and supports healthy gums.
 So, if you give the alkaline diet a try, and after a several weeks you aren’t getting the results you want l can send you info on it - all you have to do is ask for it.   šŸ˜Š  MY website is

I think we all can agree that other than the pain one of the worst effects of Fibro is the Brain Fog and memory issues.  I struggled with that for years – But in the last couple of years I came up with a regime that is really making a significant difference for me.
Good fats for the brain- Eating an Avocado each day and putting a Table Spoon of Coconut oil in my warm lemon water each morning.
Omega supplement – Juice Plus+ recently came out with a new full spectrum – Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, & 9.  Omegas have a lot of great other benefits to – like improving cardio vascular health, glowing skin, lower blood pressure, easing stiffness and join pain, eases skin irritations, hair growth, improves moods and concentration.  This JP+ Omega is the ONLY Omega on the market to be full spectrum and NOT be made from fish.  It’s totally plant based.  I can get you info on it if you are interested.  If you currently are not taking an Omega, I strongly suggest you start.

I’ve also found CBD oil to also play a part here – it helps keep anxiety at bay and keeps the CNS out of fight or flight which also reduces PTSD issues.  See more about this in the CBD oil section here.
Since pain is most always the number one biggest issue with Fibro, here are some of the tools that I’ve acquired over the past 30 years that have worked for me as well as the hundreds of Fibro clients I’ve worked with…

Ice & Heat -   
When I was completing the Massage Therapy required 1000 hours of the Holistic Health Practitioner program back in the 80’s we were taught to NEVER use heat on Fibro clients.  here’s why..
 Heat: Using heat on sore muscles can be very soothing. It can help relax spasms and penetrates deeply into the muscle. Heat can be very helpful for spot treating certain areas of your fibro pain IF your pain is NOT caused by inflammation. Adding heat to inflamed muscles can cause additional swelling. So, when deciding to use heat therapy, you must consider if the area you are treating is inflamed or just sore. Heat should be used for chronic conditions such as muscle discomfort, stiffness. Applying heat to an area effectively opens up the blood vessels allowing blood to flow freely to the affected area. This increases circulation, delivering an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients and removing waste from sore, fatigued and injured muscles. Using a Hot Moist Pack can be especially useful on a muscle spasm.
Cold:  Cold Pack applications can help by causing the blood vessels to constrict (clamp down). This constriction of the blood vessels prevents further leakage of blood and serum and minimizes swelling and pain. The cold from an ice pack application also has an added benefit of providing pain relief.  When I had my massage practice, all my Fibro clients got an “ice massage”.  I took a large plastic Dixie Cup and froze water in it.  I took out the ice, wrapped a small hand towel around it and secured it with a rubber band.  It was used on inflamed trigger points and knots rendering them numb which allowed me to do deep work on the muscle with far less pain to the client.  Still to this day, I do this to myself in the shower – get the muscles cold and numb and then digitally manipulate the muscle/area and then stretch.  Usually the knot, soreness and pain are relieved.
 The difference between hot and cold:
Icing inflamed or injured tissues helps by limiting the leakage of blood and serum from the capillaries into the adjacent tissues. Ice also prevents swelling. In contrast, heating tissues causes the capillaries to widen. This widening can cause an increase in the leakage of blood from the capillaries and add to the swelling and pain. It is important to note that the blood that leaks into the tissues will later lead to inflammation, which slows the healing process and causes pain.
So, with Fibromyalgia, sometimes you will experience pain that will require different treatments in different areas of your body. Some areas might respond better to heat, some might respond better to cold.
However, for those of us with Fibro, I suggest a very minimal use of heat.  You may get some temporary relief, but chances are great that long term you are doing more harm than good.   I totally understand the severe cold feeling that can sometimes come with Fibro, and when this happens l know a lot of you use electric blankets to keep warm.  While this really causes no harmful issues for the Fibro – there is the issue of the exposure of the electrical current running thru your bodies – EMF’s.  So, another option for you might be to invest in 2-3 large moist heat packs that you warm in the microwave and then place them on/around your body and keep covered with a good heavy blanket.    
          Body Work-
Massage Therapy – Be sure to “interview” your therapist before making an appointment.  Make sure they have experience in working with fibro clients – as if they work too deep the next day you could most likely be in a world of hurt.
Reiki Energy-  This is an ancient old healing modality originating in Japan. It is performed by the practitioner lightly placing their energized hands either on or over your body.  I am a Reiki Master and most often I would use a combo of this modality along with the hands-on massage- thus providing the best of both worlds, the great relaxing feeling the massage provides, and some deep energetic work for the areas of the client that were too sore/sensitive to touch. I give myself a Reiki treatment each nite in bed before falling asleep.
This modality isn’t for everyone – I am one of those people.  Even though the needles are gently inserted, I immediately felt a burning sensation.  For others, they swear by it.  So just understand it might not work for you and be sure to “interview” the acupuncturist. 
Chiropractic-  This is another modality that isn’t for everyone with Fibro.  It has been my experience that the “traditional” chiro adjustments are far too forceful and intense for those with Fibro.  But there are chiro’s out there that do modify their work and can help without causing harm and pain – just be sure to once again “interview” them before making an appointment.  And most importantly, the nanosecond that they touch you in a painful manner – make them stop.  DO NOT suck it up and pretend everything is fine.  You will most likely later deeply regret it. 
There is a special breed of Chiro’s out there called Upper Cervical Chiro’s.  I was so blessed to find one here in San Diego about 10 years ago now.  They don’t do traditional forceful adjustments, they do soft tissue manipulation and stretching to correct the misalignments in the cervical spine, and neck/shoulder areas where so many of us have constant trigger points and pain.   It’s actually most usually very comforting work.  They also use the same technique for lower body adjustments of the lower back and hips/legs.  If this interests you try googling for one in your area.
Body working tools -  There are many tools out there that you can use at home to help with pain – the Foam Roller is a great one – you can get them on line.     Tennis Balls -  Used ones that have been softened up.  Get on the floor and place the ball between the sore area and the floor and roll around on it slowly to break thru the knots and sore spots.  You can also take 2 of them put them in an athletic sock and tie the end and then lay down on it on the floor.  It’s great for getting into the sore spots along the spine.  You can also do upper body work with them by standing up against a wall and placing them between the wall and the painful area and then slowly roll around leaning against the wall. 
Fire Cupping-  this modality is most often done by an acupuncturist – but many massage therapists also do it – I did when I had my practice.  It’s great for people who are in so much pain that it hurts to be touched, as the cups suck the skin up into them instead of pushing down like in a typical massage.  Again, be sure to discuss your Fibro and other conditions you might have with the practitioner.     
Exercise-  Believe me, I so understand that some days this isn’t possible, but I also know that sitting on the couch for days on end is also counter-productive for those with Fibro.  When I was first able to start moving (exercising) again, I started by walking around the inside of my house.  Then walking around the outside of my house and down the street a couple of houses.  Then walking around the block. After a short while I was back to doing low impact aerobics.  Something needs to be done each day to get the circulation going and the heart rate increased.  If walking is something you absolutely can’t do, then sit in a chair and do upper body arm work to get the blood flowing and increased heart rate. 
Yoga-stretching – is an awesome way to help ward off pain and keep you flexible.  Just be sure if you try Yoga to talk to the instructor beforehand and let them know you have fibro so they can closely monitor you during class.  I suggest at least one private session before joining a group environment so that you are aware of your bodies limitations and don’t overstretch.  When I first tried Yoga many many years ago, I didn’t do this, I felt I knew my body well enough to know when to stop.  But I didn’t – and while the class was wonderful and I greatly enjoyed it and got all stretched out, when I woke up the next day I could barely walk…  so, don’t make the mistake I did.  šŸ˜Š   Something that I do each morning is called The Sun Salutation.  It’s a great way to start the day and it stretches virtually every large muscle group in the body.  Picture is below..